Birth Preparation Classes

40 Weeks to Deliver: Birth Preparation Classes

This is a hands-on course that prepares expecting parents for the arrival of their little one. The classes focus on explaining what to expect in birth, choices within childbirth, and the first six weeks postpartum.

Topics include:

  • preparing for birth
  • your child’s birth and measures to make you comfortable
  • cheat sheet for your partner and support people
  • pain medications and medical interventions
  • Cesarean births (VBAC classes are available on request)
  • basic baby care
  • breastfeeding and troubleshooting

The classes are offered in two different formats:

  • a 3 night course (3 hours each night)
  • an intense weekend course (Sat 10-5pm, Sun 1-5pm)

Class size is limited, so sign up early. 519.571.9743

Partners and other support people are strongly encouraged to come to every class.

Class Schedule