Classes and Services:

We offer a variety of classes and services to help you ensure your pregnancy goes well and your delivery goes smoothly. And because pregnancy is the easy part ;-) we're here to help you prepare for the lifetime to follow.

Classes at: St.Jacobs Midwives (Waterloo), Kitchener Waterloo Midwifery Associates (Kitchener), Guelph Midwives and Cambridge Midwives as well as one on one/private classes

  • Pain Mangement Class
  • Refresher class
  • Private one on one class in home: please contact me directly for details

Please send all cheques payable to Rebecca Serroul to: Tummies to Toes 17 Bismark Ave Kitchener ON N2H 5S6
Send etransfers to:

Wanting a Waterbirth?  Also offering:

Labour and Birth Tub rentals: $150 Rental for 4 weeks (deposit of $250 also needed)

Labour Aid Box (LAB) Labour and Birthing Tub Comparison Chart


AquaDoula Hard Sided Tub

Birth in a Box Eco Inflatable Tub

La Bassine Inflatable Tub


55 inches (140 cm) round

76 inches long (193cm) x 65 inches wide (165cm): oval

60 inches (160 cm) long x 53 inches (135 cm) wide: oval


25 inches (64 cm)

26 inches (66cm)

25 inches (65 cm)


50lbs empty (23kg)

1 250lbs filled (570kg)

 Approximately 30 lbs empty

1 430 lbs filled (650 kg)

Approximately 30 lbs empty

1 000 lbs filled (460 kg)

Water Capacity

150 Gallons (570 Liters) approximately

172 Gallons (650 liters) approximately

119 Gallons (450 Liters)



Soft but Sturdy.  Firm sided.

3 ring inflatable pool, middle ring can be deflated if pool is too high.

Inflatable with “I-beams” to give firmness



No, reflective cover included

No, reflective cover included

Handles and seat

No handles, inflatable seat

6 solid handles and an inflatable seat

2 solid handles


All tubs come with:

o   Disposable Liner for tub

o   Thermometer

o   Submersion pump to take the water out

o   Sink and shower adaptor for hose

o   Pad for partner or midwife to use while kneeling


Inflated birthing and labour tubs also include:

o   Air pump to inflate pool

o   Reflective blanket to keep the heat in


Do not include:

Garden hose – required for filling

Tarp to put under the tub – not required, however helpful

Important to check the sink and shower adaptor before the birth to make sure that they fit your faucets.  Other adaptors may be needed.

Please call or email for more details.



Also offering:

Labour Aid Box (LAB)

rental of TENs Unit, Labour Ball, massage tools etc.

Please call or email for more details

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