I just wanted to say thank you for the weekend!  My husband and I had a great time, learned a lot and wish it was every weekend!

Andrea - first time parents


My husband Nick and I were in your tummies to toes class in December. I was planning on a home water birth but as to be expected things did not go as planned. We ended up in the hospital with a c-section instead.  All went well and we have a happy healthy baby which was the ultimate goal.

I just wanted to write to you to say thanks to your wonderful class and the broad scope of material you covered I was so much more at ease with the transition from the plan of a home birth to the complete opposite. At the time of your class I didn’t think c-section applied to me but I am sure glad you were engaging enough in your teaching that I followed along and knew a bit of what to expect.


Melanie Maltby - March 2016

Stefan and I just wanted to say thank you for making the class this past weekend entertaining and enjoyable!! We both learned quite a bit and I'm definitely feeling more confident in recognizing the signs of labour and what to expect on delivery day (and afterwards!).

Thanks so much!!

Ali & Stefan - Jan 2016


Just a quick email to thank you for the extremely helpful and informative pre natal classes. The classes were well organized and full of important information to be aware of. I appreciated the heads up for days 3-5 after our little man arrives. 
Julia and I both feel much more prepared now for babies arrival in June. 
We'll be sure to connect with you if we have any questions, I'm sure we will. 
Thank you again. 
- Andrew & Julia


Thank you for the incredible learning experience this weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed your classes and will definitely recommend it to any first-time parents. As an expecting father, I was impressed that you always included the partner's role in each step, in addition to the mother's role. The way that you handle each topic from a non-biased perspective and go over pros and cons for different options made us feel comfortable to ask questions and not feel judged. Not once did you skip a beat when answering anything from the most mundane questions to the most unique. I certainly feel much more prepared for the journey, both the ups and downs, that we will take before and after our baby arrives. Thank you again for sharing your passion and knowledge with us.
David and Kate - 2015


I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much Matt and I enjoyed your prenatal class:)  The amount of knowledge/education/confidence you were able to give was outstanding. We continually looked forward to going to your class and immensely enjoyed it. You are truly inspirational and are a joy to learn from:) We can clearly see what you do is your passion :) I think that's what makes you and your class so special.  Thank you for sharing your love of education and your passion for pregnancy birthing babies and the happiness it can bring with us:) :) it was truly an awesome experience.

Thank you
Jessica Hoch and Matthew Missere (2015)


Tummies to Toes came highly recommended to my husband and I from our midwives and other various medical professionals. There are many options for prenatal courses but we are so glad we listened and took this one! It was so informative, helpful and Rebecca made it very engaging and interesting. We felt more prepared and knowledgeable and had a wealth of tips to draw on for both pregnancy and post natal. We were especially grateful to have taken this course as Rebecca clearly laid out signs of labour. When I unexpectedly went into rapid labour thanks to knowing the signs of advanced labour we were able to get to the hospital in the nick of time as I was already ten cm dilated. I would, and have, highly recommended this course to anyone expecting. Thank you Rebecca!

Savannah Fox 2014


"I just wanted to send you an email to thank you once again for the fantastic class that you provided for Tony and I. We have often discussed how unbelievably helpful your guidance was both during delivery and postpartum. Just for your guidance with planning your future classes, here is what Tony and I found REALLY REALLY helpful:
- The different coping techniques for labour - the exercise ball, leaning on partner while rocking, the dollar store items that help with massage (we still use the tennis ball in stockings because I had some muscle back pain postpartum from pushing....this is an AWESOME IDEA and I loved it during my contractions) etc. We also really loved that you let us practise these techniques because then during the labour, I felt like I was prepared and I had done it before. There was no guess work or uncertainty about how to use what technique. 
- The balloon lipstick breastfeeding latch demonstration. At the risk of sounding like a complete weirdo....I had that demo in my head the entire first week breastfeeding and I was super successful! I am really enjoying feeding him now with no pain and he is super relaxed. I didn't even plan to breastfeed at all.... I felt like that discussion and the demonstration gave me the confidence to try and I'm shocked it actually worked out as well as it did. The second I figure out how to latch him wide and consistently, it was a breeze. 
- The length of time the contractions take at each stage of labour and how you will likely act/what your partner can expect. This was soooo helpful! When I started doing those things, Tony and I knew that it was normal so there was no uncertainty or fear.
Thanks again for everything and for being apart of our labour experience and journey. I feel very thankful to have met you and to have chosen the Tummies to toes class!"
Gabriela Soares Chow  and Tony Chow --> The Chows (2014)


“Rebecca’s class is something every soon to be parent for the first time should take. Not only is her class informative but her positive attitude and energetic teaching style turns something that is otherwise intimidating to most new parents into something exciting and fun! Her non-biased attitude, broad knowledge base and amazing retention of statistics helps put at ease new parents in a world filled with conflicting information. We would recommend her class to any new parent.”

Drew & Emily Caplan (2014)


" ...(I) just wanted to reiterate my appreciation to you!  Thanks so much for doing what you do and how you do it.  The content you covered and the way in which you shared an incredible amount of information was just perfect.  It has given both Jason and I confidence in our process as we move forward; as well as a common language we can now use as we discuss things in more detail as we approach our birth…and beyond!"

Rachel (2014)


"Just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for the birthing classes these last couple of weeks. Rob and I found it extremely informative and really fun to go to. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and your passion with us.   You have made us not only feel more comfortable with what is coming up, but also more knowledgeable.  We had a really fun time learning and now we're really looking forward to the future!"
Missy (& Rob) 2014


"I just wanted to say thank you, the class this weekend was really wonderful! There are so many what ifs and unknowns and scary moments that we have had (along with just as many exciting, happy moments) during this first pregnancy and I feel like your class was super informative and it really helped to ease a lot of my anxieties. I learned some new things that I am definitely planning on using for our labour. I am not doing the class justice by this small thank you email... It was truly amazing and I think it will take several days for all of the information to sink in. One of my favourite parts is how it got my partner Mark talking about things more and allowing him to be more informed instead of me just sharing my findings from books or internet research to him."

Shanna H. And Mark L. (2014)

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the classes.  I admit, I was hesitant about taking them, as friends said they weren't necessary.  However, I’m very glad that I did because I learned an incredible amount from you."

Rebecca B. (2014)

"I wanted to say thanks for a very informative weekend.  Definitely lots of valuable information learned and I think both Ian and I feel a lot more confident about labour."

Tina (2014)

"My husband and I just wanted to thank you for putting on such an informative class!  We left with a different mindset, only due to more education and questions answered, than we did beforehand.  I know you asked for constructive feedback as well but we don't really have any to suggest. We thought you were very honest, very knowledgable, and definitely gave us a better idea of what we can expect throughout the whole process.Thank you very much! We are much more confident entering this unknown territory!"

Ashley (2014)


"It was great having you as our instructor and we will say we both enjoyed your passion, way of teaching, and of course your sense of humour."

June and Ted (2013)


"The pre-natal class with Rebecca was definitely a life-changing experience for both of us. It brought us closer together in this journey. It left us feeling like we can do this now. Thank you, Rebecca"

Anelise -First time mum (2013)


"I have to say that you are probably the best teacher/instructor i have ever had a chance to learn from.  Your approach is very laid back but VERY informative! You are easy to talk to, and make the atmosphere very welcoming." 

Tim Sousa - First time Dad (2013)


"My husband and I were very skeptical about attending a prenatal class with the stories we had heard from friends of ours who had attended the hosptial classes.  A friend of mine was nice enough to recommend Rebecca at Tummies to Toes and after some deliberation we decided this would be a good fit for us - so we went. Are we ever happy we did!! Rebecca's delivery style of information is candid, comfortable, and extremely informative. The moment we walked into the class Rebecca made us feel at home, and the small class setting really allowed for intimate conerns to be addressed. My husband has said he now feels 'at ease' about the upcoming labour, and is no longer afraid of what to do at the initial signs of labour. He said he feels confident with what to do, informed on what will be happening to my body, and he said this is empowering.  I feel relieved in knowing that he feels this way, and for someone who is quite afraid of the whole labouring process, after the weekend class with Rebecca, I feel calm and ready for what will come with this experience. Rebecca teaches the class with a candor of 'an old friend' and is able to add humour to some serious topics, but yet the tone of the material remains strong and educational. Both my husband and I will recommend this class to people we know who are expecting, be it their first, second or tenth baby! The benefits are immeasurable, and we are very grateful to have had the experience with Tummies to Toes"

Kate & Adam - Burlington, ON - First Time Expecting Parents


"Tummies to Toes offers a great pre-natal class for new parents. Rebecca is extremely well-educated about pregnancy, birth and labour and presents the material in a fun, informal yet informative way. You can tell she loves this topic and enjoys teaching. Tummies to Toes is very supportive of the midwifery model and presents information in a non-judgmental manner. I was very pleased with the small class size, excellent props and her enthusiasm--I would happily recommend Tummies to Toes to expectant parents."
Jude Doble - Kitchener ON

"Rebecca approaches her classes with enthusiasm, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge.  There literally wasn't a single thing she didn't know - she had valuable, balanced advice to offer whenever any question or issue came up during discussion.  As first time parents, we found her expertise and understanding reassuring.  We would definitely recommend Tummies to Toes to anyone looking for advice and support as they prepare to welcome their child."
Jeremy and Tammy

"Rebecca Serroul epitomizes the heart of a Doula.  Her generosity with her time, her resources and her knowledge are unparalleled. Her long commitment to promoting breastfeeding in this Region in spite of setbacks and lack of support has been an example for us all.  She develops lasting positive relationships within medical settings, in her committee work and within her community.  Her gentleness, her kindness and her tender care of her students and her clients is well-known through all the region.  In spite of her vast experience, she offers a humble and gentle support to new and developing doulas. I don't think anyone could represent the profession of Doula more beautifully than Rebecca." 

- Billie Harrigan (Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator)


"From the perspective of a terrified, stressed, wide-eyed father experiencing my first birth…the combination of Rebecca’s many talents and her kindness kept me sane throughout Cullen’s gestation and birth."

David (new father)


"Rebecca (is) a dedicated teacher...and has brought enthusiasm to her work. She is highly organized, energetic and knowledgeable about her chosen field of work. She has impressed me with her initiative in developing new ways to present childbirth topics to adult learners..."

Dianne Smith - midwife


"As a teacher myself, I enjoyed her interactive and creative teaching style, especially her use of games and hands-on participation...she has a very positive energy and a great sense of humor, which naturally calms the anxieties of expecting mothers."

Gail - new mother