Private, One-on-One Classes

We offer a variety of classes and services to help you ensure your pregnancy goes well and your delivery goes smoothly. And because pregnancy is the easy part ;-) we're here to help you prepare for the lifetime to follow.

Classes are offered at: St. Jacobs Midwives (Waterloo), Kitchener Waterloo Midwifery Associates (Kitchener), Guelph Midwives, Cambridge Midwives, and private one-on-one classes can also be arranged.

Wanting a waterbirth? Also renting Labour and Birth Tubs and LABs (Labour Aid Boxes).
  • Tub rentals include: La Bassine and Birth Tub in a Box Regular and Mini


Cheque: Please make cheques payable to Rebecca Serroul and send to: Tummies to Toes, 17 Bismark Ave, Kitchener ON N2H 5S6

Etransfers: send to

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Pain Management Class

This hands-on course focuses on alternative methods of pain management including: progressive relaxation, visualization, breaking the pain fear cycle/working through fears, massage techniques, and so much more.

It is a class that can be taken with the 40 Weeks to Deliver birth preparation course or as a refresher class for your second, third, or fourth+ pregnancy.

This is a 3-hour class, offered both privately ($120.00) and in a group ($75.00)

To set up a private class call 519.571.9743 or email

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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Classes

This course is a refresher for those who had a cesarean for their previous birth(s). It focuses on pain management as well as how the birth changes when you have had a previous cesarean.

VBAC is offered only as a private class within your home ($90.00).

For details call 519.571.9743 or email

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Sibling Classes: Hello Baby!

This class is offered to families who are expanding and would like their older child(ren) to learn some hands-on techniques to help and understand the changes within the family.

It will include information (at a child's level) about the birth, the importance of washing hands, how to hold a baby, and techniques to make life just a little easier as your family is expanding.

This is a private class within your home, and focus is on the age level of your child(ren). It is a 2-hour class ($75.00).

For details call 519.571.9743 or email

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